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It's no accident that thousands of Tulsa residents have chosen our expert medical team to support their recovery after an accident. In the unforeseen circumstance you find yourself in an accident, make the decision so many others have - Tulsa Accident Care Center.

Why choose Tulsa Accident Care Center?

Experience personalized care at Tulsa Accident Care Center. Our seasoned medical team of physicians and certified PAs are here to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans promptly.

With a thorough examination, precise medication prescriptions, and access to essential medical services, we're your trusted partner on the road to recovery post-accident.

Meet our providers
  • Steven Nussbaum, TACC Medical Director

  • Sarah McCall, DNP, APRN,-CNP

  • Zakari Thomas PA-C


What's it like at Tulsa Accident Care Center?

The average number of accidents a driver in the United States will experience in their lifetime.
In 2021, Tulsa County experienced more than 11,000 vehicle accidents - resulting in 4,297 injuries.
More than 10% of car crashes in Tulsa County are attributed to distracted driving.
Nearly half (44%) of all injury-related wrecks occur on city streets.

Car accidents happen all the time

Even if you're the most vigilant driver who rarely gets on the highway, sometimes circumstances are outside your control. That's why we at Tulsa Accident Care Center are here to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for victims of car accidents.

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Tulsa Accident Care Center


From targeted relief for back, neck, and shoulder pain, to specialized care for auto accidents and concussions, along with personalized physical therapy programs, our comprehensive services cover a wide spectrum of post-accident care needs to support your journey towards recovery.


Auto Accident Recovery

Explore comprehensive care services for auto accident recovery.
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Physical Therapy

Engage in personalized physical therapy programs to accelerate recovery and restore mobility.
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Shoulder Pain

Uncover effective solutions for relieving and managing shoulder pain.
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Back Pain

Explore specialized services for alleviating and managing back pain effectively.
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Neck Pain

Discover targeted solutions for neck pain relief and management.
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Concussions & Diagnostics

Navigate through personalized concussion care and recovery services.
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