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Back Pain

Auto accidents frequently lead to back pain due to incurred injuries. If you're grappling with back issues post-accident, Tulsa Accident Care Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is your go-to hub, offering on-site diagnostics, a variety of potent physical therapies, and other tailored treatments.

We warmly welcome walk-ins, or you have the option to schedule a same-day appointment either online or via phone. Reach out to Tulsa Accident Care Center today for proficient alleviation of your back pain.

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From targeted relief for back, neck, and shoulder pain, to specialized care for auto accidents and concussions, along with personalized physical therapy programs, our comprehensive services cover a wide spectrum of post-accident care needs to support your journey towards recovery.


Auto Accident Recovery

Explore comprehensive care services for auto accident recovery.
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Physical Therapy

Engage in personalized physical therapy programs to accelerate recovery and restore mobility.
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Shoulder Pain

Uncover effective solutions for relieving and managing shoulder pain.
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Back Pain

Explore specialized services for alleviating and managing back pain effectively.
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Neck Pain

Discover targeted solutions for neck pain relief and management.
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Concussions & Diagnostics

Navigate through personalized concussion care and recovery services.
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