Meet the Tulsa accident care center team

The team that cares, more, about you.

Dr. Steven Nussbaum, DO
Dr. Steven Nussbaum is primarily responsible for overseeing the medical aspects of patient care and ensuring the highest standards of practice. His duties encompass formulating and implementing treatment plans, coordinating with other healthcare professionals, and providing direct care to patients involved in accidents.
Dr. Todd Caze PhD
Dr. Caze serves as the primary concussion specialist, with a focus on diagnosing, treating, and managing concussion-related symptoms. His role involves comprehensive assessments, creating personalized treatment programs, and providing patient education to aid recovery and prevent further injury.
Kara Wernli, MPT
Kara Wernli, MPT, is instrumental in helping patients regain their mobility and improve their strength and flexibility post-accident. She develops and administers personalized rehabilitation programs, ensuring each patient’s unique needs are met, and works hand-in-hand to facilitate their journey to recovery.
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Tori Sansevieri, MS, LAT,  ATC. CSCS
Tori plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of TACC’s day-to-day operations. Her responsibilities include overseeing administrative processes, managing staff, coordinating with departments, and implementing strategies to enhance operational efficiency and patient care services.
Sarah McCall, DNP, APRN,-CNP
Sarah provides vital support in patient care with an emphasis on personalized care plans. Her role involves conducting physical examinations to carefully assess various parameters and ensure an accurate diagnosis, as well as collaborating with the team to ensure a seamless holistic care experience.
Zakari Thomas, PA-C
Zak offers critical medical support through diagnostic procedures and managing patient care. His responsibilities include conducting thorough evaluations, interpreting results and implementing tailored treatment plans, always ensuring our patients are treated with the utmost care and empathy.

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