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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is paramount in treating and rehabilitating a myriad of medical conditions, especially auto accident injuries. At Tulsa Accident Care Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we offer a wide spectrum of professional physical therapies, ranging from active exercises to passive treatments like therapeutic ultrasound and phonophoresis.

We accommodate walk-ins, or you can secure a same-day appointment either online or over the phone. Reach out to Tulsa Accident Care Center now to explore our outstanding physical therapy services.

What is physical therapay?

Physical therapy is one of the most valuable treatments in rebuilding strength and fitness following an auto injury. It involves using a variety of techniques to restore physical function and reduce musculoskeletal pain.

Your physical therapy program at Tulsa Accident Care Center is likely to involve both active and passive forms of therapy.

Build-up weakened or damaged muscles
Improve connective tissue strength
Increase the range of movement
Prevent disability
Help avoid the need for surgery
Maintain joint flexibility

What is active physical therapy?

Active physical therapy is where you perform specific exercises under the expert supervision of the Tulsa Accident Care Center team.Active physical therapy techniques vary depending on your exact injury, its severity, and other factors like your age and general health.

Typically, you do stretching and strengthening exercises and may move on to doing cardiovascular and weight training as your condition improves.Your therapist also shows you how to perform exercises safely and correctly at home, where you need to practice between your physical therapy sessions at Tulsa Accident Care Center.

What is passive physical therapy?

Passive Physical Therapy refers to therapeutic treatments administered to patients without their active engagement. Unlike active therapies where patients participate in exercises, passive therapy involves procedures done to the patient by a therapist. This approach is particularly beneficial during the initial stages post-injury when movement may be painful or restricted.

At Tulsa Accident Care Center, our skilled therapists tailor passive physical therapy treatments to meet the unique needs of each patient. Our aim is to provide a soothing and supportive environment that fosters healing and recovery.

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From targeted relief for back, neck, and shoulder pain to specialized care and personalized physical therapy for auto accidents, our comprehensive services cover a wide spectrum of post-accident care needs to support your road to recovery.


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